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BestCustomWriting.com means "Website".

The terms "Customer", "You" or "Your" refer to you or to the person who submits the order form on your behalf.

The terms "Company", "Our" and "We" stand for BestCustomWriting.com.

The term "Product" refers to the original study or any other product that has been written, which is executed according to the Customer's specifications, and will be delivered according to the order and may be used for further research on this subject.

The term "order" refers to the scope of the project or work as well as to other requirements specified by the customer.

After completing the Order form and passing it on our website, you agree that you will purchase a product for personal use and that you will not resell it to any company or company. You must understand and agree that these products are written or written by freelor professionals who have transferred the copyright to the product to our company. You can only use the product that is provided by the product for reference purposes. You can use the material to further study and write your own paper.


To place an order or request, fill in the electronic form on our website. The online form will require you to provide some personal information or information to place the order. Please note that your information remains safe with us, and the company will under no circumstances share its personal data with any third party. Please go through our Privacy Policy to see more detailed information about this.

You will receive an e-mail notification of important steps in the fulfillment of the order, such as its execution, refinement, and completion. The price of the goods you ordered depends on the type of work, urgency and level of the author. As soon as you start paying according to your order, the deadline will start counting.


On our website we can find all the details of payment, price and costs of the company's payments. If a requirement for a Product is not part of a normal category of work or if the order requires an amendment in such a way that it does not satisfy your original specifications, the company reserves the right to determine its own rates and tariffs for the delivered product.

Customers must provide all requirements when placing an order. Any delay in the provision of additional instructions and/or materials may cause the order to be delayed.


The purpose of the company is to protect its clients from unauthorized activities with their accounts and from any fraudulent order. Because of the nature of their business (electronic transfer of completed products; the card-without presence), the company demands that clients get their identity

The company reserves the right to require its clients to follow the verification process, including telephone and/or document validation. All of the front information will be used to verify the identity of the client and when it is completed. The client must complete the validation process again, unless any fraudulent activity is detected in your account


Upon completion of its work, the Company makes it available to the Customer and sends an automatic e-mail notification to the Client.

The client is entitled to part of the compensation if the company is unable to submit the data within the prescribed time limit. We ask you to recommend that the company should not be liable for any delays caused by technical problems or problems related to the completion of the Customer's work.


You can request a revision within 14 days of the completion of the order. Free modification is performed only according to the original instructions. If you are editing instructions or adding new pages that require additional pages, you will be prompted to pay before the modification is performed.

All the products and services that our company provides to customers are original. Our company retains full copyright rights for all products delivered to you. Products on this Web site are provided to customers only for their personal use, and any commercial use of the Products may result in civil or/or criminal liability. This Web site does not allow you to publish, distribute, view, modify, and use derived products or any part of this Web site. Completed projects should be used for personal studies of the subject.


Our Web site has a warranty for all orders that have been executed in violation of terms and conditions. All orders placed are the subject of our policy of write-off and recovery, as stated in our "

We do not tolerate plagiarism in the products we supply, and we do our best to provide the best customer service. Please inform us that if the company finds out that its product was plagiarized, the work will be done again.

Note that according to the agreement between you and the Company your name will not be mentioned in the product. The material provided to you by the company is purely to help you with the research, and we do not encourage plagiarism or academic fraud in any form. We are firmly committed to compliance with copyright laws, and we therefore do not encourage any customer or non-staff personnel to develop copyright laws or violate copyright laws.

The company cannot be held liable for any unethical, inconsistent, illegal or improper use of the Products provided by the company to the customers. The Company has no liability for such activities by Buyer, such as plagiarism, legal action, academic probation, detention, dissatisfaction with quality, suspension, expulsion, refusal or refusal of any grants or scholarships. The person who acquires the product from our website is solely responsible for any disciplinary action related to the purchase, unethical or improper use of the Product.

We are very concerned that the level of plagiarism in all products supplied to our customers is 10% (except for the bibliography and references). In the unlikely event that you find that plagiarism is higher than 10%, you have the right to request for review or rework.

The company guarantees that you will have a plagiarism level of less than 10% (excluding citations and references). We also guarantee that all your instructions will be properly followed; all your requirements and format requirements will be satisfied. We also guarantee that you will receive a well-developed product that will certainly conform to the standard format and levels of the English language.

Please read our Privacy Policy at our site to learn more about our policies and practices regarding the collection, use and protection of guest/customer information.

You are hereby requested to confirm and confirm that, from time to time, we can unilaterally change these conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly review these terms and conditions to verify all changes that are reflected in this section of your company's Web site