This is how you can get the flu (and to avoid it).

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Most likely, you will come with the "Pionet Influenza" case at least once during your university studies (and, as the name suggests, most likely in the first few weeks) ..

While the flu is obviously not the end of the world (though perhaps it feels that at that time) is not the right time to get sick. You've got so many things to do, so many new people to meet and so much.

If you decide to do everything you can to avoid catching it, or you are already infected and looking for the holy grail of chickens, this is a guide for you ...

What is this page?.

What causes influenza freshets?

Not to mention, you're being dramatic or something, but we have to make it clear that the flu isn't the flu at all. In fact, it's more like a bad cold, though it doesn't dislike the fact that it can make you feel very garbage for a week or about ...

In order to get a little science on you for a second, terrifying diseases are.Contrary to popular belief, you won't just be vulnerable to a first-year fluke if you are kissing new people during a freshman week (though this is likely to increase your chances of falling). The Mushrooms are usually caused by a combination of several different things, including:

You will undoubtedly be alarmed by new people from all places, be it in clubs, lecture halls and in other environments (as well as shaking hands) ..

Because you will be alarmed by people from all over the country (and the world), some can carry viruses that you do not insure. This is the perfect germ environment for distribution-get hand-hand-hand-hand sanitier in your pocket and you are sorted!

We know there's so many things going on that you just can't afford to miss. But if we were your parents, we'd tell you that you burned a candle at both ends. We're not your parents, but we'll tell you that anyway ...

By tying up every night and following this morning's morning lectures, the next day your immune system will have no support. A night or two with gravy won't hurt you, we promise ...

Be it because of the accumulation.

The consumption of too much alcohol will weaken your protection against viruses. Maybe next round isn't such a good idea. Tea, anybody?The transition to a new place or to be planted in a completely new environment can be stress in all respects. Be you.

As you may have noticed, many of these reasons are inevitable during the week. So unless you're stepping down to hide in your room for the foreseeable future, you can't do anything to protect yourself ...

However, just realizing some of the causes and avoiding them, if and when you can take a step in the right direction!.

The symptoms of the flu.

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So how do you know if you have the flu? Well, if you do it, you'll probably find out about it ...

In case you're not sure, here's a list of the most common symptoms of the flu:

You feel so cold that you are permanently attached to your stuffy, central heating and knitting knitwear ...?

But at the same time, it's so hot that you want to put all your body in the tub with ice cubes?A big turn if you're looking for love during a freshman week ...

Well, at least people will be the blessings you left, right and left.

Loma, you don't want to talk to someone right now ...

An honest management game to get this far off the list of symptoms. The bear is with us, the coils are next!As you can see, the symptoms are very similar to the cold, and even though they do not leave you a hospital bed, they are likely.

Now for the chickens!

The freshmen have the flu.

If you have a terrible flu case, you want to get rid of it, right? You probably want to go back to the full form so you can go with your friends instead of putting yourself in bed, feeling sorry for yourself ...

So, here are our final H1N1 tips:

Yeah, we know it's a pretty common feeling, but maybe you still need a little reminder. If you have a lot of vitamin C in your system and you get a regular fix.

Drink plenty of water.Keep yourself in hydra so you can be permanently cleaned out of all those who have highlighted toxins from your weakened body ...

It's not a medicine as a taco, but it will help to make the symptoms a little more tolerant (so it feels like medicine) ..

If you don't think your diet is ready for a scratch and you're a broccoli protein, you can get your basic vitamins, taking additives, like Berocca (or your own version of the shop-mostly the same product, but.

Now is the time to get some sleep, make sure you have enough sleep and stress relief. One or two nights of communication, you will be surprised (and don't want you to press your terrible liturgy with some other poor, unsuspecting frescoes) ..

Cigarettes are unpleasant for your immune system, and they certainly don't help the sore throat. It is obvious that stopping is much easier than doing, but fortunately we have management.

Step up your hygiene.

As we have mentioned, many people and crowds of people have many microbes. You'll get an antibacterial hand sanatizer to keep your hands clean at all times ...

Watch your mental health.

This suggests that there is a great deal of time about the original and beginning, which may be stressful. Don't be afraid to admit that you need some time and use our advice.

Alternative primals of the flu.

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We're not a witch doctor or anything, but we thought that we could provide you with alternative haves for those of you who are getting up to try something different:

Eat a lot of garlic.Chesnok is a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammator and antiseptic. It's mainly a superhero of alternative cold drugs (and will stay away from these petals) ...

It will offer you some consolation, and it will also weaken any nasty junk in your throat. The food chopper and the lemon in the hot water is the winner of the fire fighting!

-Chuck.It's about antibacterial pressure on those who look as if they're going to enjoy the nice ...

Mediate or do yoga.

Getting rid of some kind of stress can help your organic to exorize some of these toxins ...

It's a centuries-old grandmother's. We can't say for sure whether it's working or not, but of course it's worth making you feel warm inside. Plus, it tastes good, so it's a win-win