5 netflix hacks to save money for your subscription.

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Netflix scratched that delay itching like no other. Escaping revision, writing essays, or just being a productive person, Netflix is always there to provide a series that we didn’ t even know what we need …

But with prices on Netflix, the accounts for UK subscribers are growing all the time (or at least at

We are here with our best crackers to save money on your Netflix account and to continue to enjoy your screen favore someday.

5 hacks to get cheap Netflix.

You can have your account.

Check how many people are currently paying for the Netflix subscription in.

How much is it worth to pay for the Netflix account?

If you divide the cost of a standard subscription, you will complete the payment.

This last option may be desirable, but then if you do not have a pair.

If you and your housewives have very different schedules and do not watch at the same time, you can always choose a standard sum of £ 8.99 and share it-£ 3 each for three people and about.

Use the Netflix account for your parents.

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Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t.

However, Netflix is not against people from the same household who share the plan, so that theoretically students can use their family account while they are in the youth. That’s what they said to Digital Spy in 2016:

We expect Netflix to be a household purchase, and that this is a sensible case for household members …

When the kids go to college, they’ll use the login? Well, it’s probably fine, but when the kids go out and form their own economy, they want to have their own account, so eventually it will turn into a new revenue stream for us there …

So the strategy here is that Netflix expects you to register for your own subscription.

Subscribe to the subscription using discount cards.

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This hack is a little bit more leftmost and requires more research than others, but desperate times demand desperate measures!.

In fact, Netflix subscriptions can be paid through gift cards, which are available in various retail stores. Sites like.

It is also worth to note that Netflix subscriptions can be purchased through.

The amount that the gift cards will be worth will be added to your Apple or Google account, which you can then use to purchase a subscription. Similples!

Use the cashback Web sites.

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As with the previous one, it is always worth checking whether there is a cashless computation on websites such as

We’ve seen offers of 7% cashback, which may not seem very, but if you’re going to do some serious shopping, you can’t smell it! And if you have one.Unfortunately, Google Play does not make cashback. However, you can still use cashback-sites to buy in.

Try cheaper alternative streaming services.

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So this last option is less than a solution and more alternatives-but you can combine other streaming services, some of which are absolutely free!.

If you have a TV license, you can freely transfer to the streaming iPlayer, ITV Hub and all 4 (Channel 4) to the content of your heart. Actually, you probably won’t even need a TV license.

We made a list of the prices of online streaming services and what they include, so you can decide which one suits you. Yes, I do.Alternate streaming service Netflix.

How much Netflix costs?

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There are three different types of Netflix accounts, which vary depending on the peks. The basic standard definition is currently standing.

The standard plan has grown by £ 1 from £ 7.99, and the premium plan has grown by £ 2 from £ 9.99 this year, eek!

To remind you that includes every plan, we made a table with the benefits of all three with the cost of each Netflix …

Netflix subscription plans